During code review, the reviewer will classify the developer as a beginner as soon as he sees some old-school JavaScript code in an Angular or React project. But if you know the following 3 tips, you will be considered as Master Yoda of modern JavaScript. So, let’s begin our journey!

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The magic spread operator

The spread operator is my favorite operator in JavaScript. I mainly use it in the following 3 cases:

• Making a copy of an array

After several years’ design and development of various full-stack applications from scratch, I notice how important it is to build a good architecture for angular applications from the beginning. Good architecture can save us from heavy refactoring when the applications become large and complicated, as we all know that product owners will never stop adding new features in the backlogs :). Therefore, I would like to share this elegant Angular (V2+) architecture to help new developers avoid detours. …

Zhichuan JIN

A self-motivated and open-minded senior full-stack software engineer worked for SAP, Orange, and Societe Generale CIB.

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